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We do all Classics,Sports,Exotics from Cars and Trucks, RV's, Trailers, Boats, Motorcycles, to airplanes. Not listed? Ask us, we can probably do it for ya.  All products used are professional grade detailing materials. They are picked to tailor each specific vehicle. 

Interior Detail Services

           STAGE 1

  • Vacuum Interior & Trunk

  • Full Interior Cleaning - Vents, Cup Holders, Visors, Etc

  • Condition Leather Vinyl & Plastics

              Starting At $65


            STAGE 2

  • Interior Stage 1 Service +

  • Stain Treatment

  • Deodorize Interior

  • Compressed air to blow crumbs and dirt away

  • Clean & condition leather seats (if applies)

               Starting at $100

         STAGE 3

                 NEED A DEEP CLEAN? 

  • Interior Stage 2 Services +

  • Bag personal items in cabin

  • Pre-treat and Steam Clean Carpet

  • Pre-treat and Steam Upholstery Seating

  • Clean & UV protect:  All crevices, dash, door panels, buttons, cup holders

  • Vacuum seats, floors, mats and trunk

  • Shampoo carpets*

  • Shampoo mats*Shampoo cloth seats* (if applies)

  • Clean & condition leather seats (if applies)

  • Clean/Renew exterior plastics.

  • Clean headliner & visors upon request.

  • ·Add odor bomb for bad odors upon request

             Starting at $180


*Prices Based on  Size and Condition of    Vehicle*

Exterior Detailing Services

Stage 1 Exterior Package

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Degrease Wheels and Tires

  • Clean Ext Windows

  • Dress Tires

  • Express Wax and Hand Dry

        Starting at $60

Stage 2 Exterior Package



Exterior Stage 1 Services +

  • Bug Removal

  • Dress Exterior Plastic Trim

  • Machine Wax & Hand Dry

​        Starting at $120

Stage 3  Exterior Package


Exterior Stage 2   Services +

  • Clean Door Jams

  • Clay Bar Decontamination

  • Machine Polish to remove oxidation(Mirror Finish)

  • Polymer Paint Protectant (4 month protection)

        Starting at $200

Stage 4 Exterior Package

Exterior Stage 3 Services +

  • Machine applied leveling compound to remove minor paint imperfections

  • Polymer Paint Wax/Sealant Protectant (4 month protection)

  • Price based on our Stepping Process


          Starting at $280

                                                      Want Superior Paint Protection?

                                  *ASK   ABOUT   OUR   CERAMIC   COATING *


A-La -Carte Services:


Maintaince Hand Wash - Time Required - 2 hours

Details: Our unique 24 step hand wash is tailored to those not wanting to subject their vehicle to the scratches or the chemical etching caused by automated car washes (yes, even touch-less washes are bad). Rather than worrying about the inconvenient damage caused by these machines.  In this thorough process, using overlapping “straight-line” motions we ensure that no spot is missed. 

Starting at $30


Engine Clean- Time Required - 1 hour

  •  In-Detail  offers our customers our Express Engine Clean and Dress. This process will leave the engine clean and build up free. A clean engine compartment allows the vehicle to run cooler without the surface contaminants that may cause more heat in the engine compartment. We also take great care during this process to make sure that all sensitive instruments will not be damaged during our application.

Starting at $60 


Orbitial Polish-    We specialize in a swirl free finish - Time Varies - 2-4 hours

  • Removes  Oxidation, Scratches,  and other Paint Imperfections.

  • Includes hand wash, we recommend taking the Clay-Bar to the paint surface first to prepare it.

  • Prices range dependent upon our Stepping Process, for more info click HERE 

Starting at $125


Orbital Wax  -  Time Varies 1-3hrs.

  • Durable Long lasting protection

Starting at $125

Overspray Removal  -             

  • A pre-test is performed to determine the extent of damage and how difficult it is to remove.​

  • Begins with the “Exterior Detail” service (see description above).

  • Two coats of the finest Wax are applied to protect and intensify the luster of your vehicle’s finish leaves finish “smooth as silk”.

  • Overspray is carefully removed by our trained professionals using a non-harsh method and safe solvents to ensure the paint is not damaged.

Starting at $200


Headlight Restoration -

  • Each headlight is polished with a specially formulated polish to restore the original transparency of the headlight lenses.

  • This process safely restores clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed and lightly scratched lenses for better night vision and safety.

Starting at $60


Tar Removal- Time Varies  3-6hrs

  • Specialized clay bar treatment to remove tar.

  • Polishing.

  • 2 coats of polymer seal wax.

  • A special solvent formula is applied to the road tar/paint to loosen the material from your vehicle.

Tar Removal Starting at $200

Scotchgard  -  1 hrs

  • A unique formula, made by 3M, is sprayed on fabric seats and carpet to protect against dirt, stains and to repel liquid.

  • For more information about this product please visit www.scotchgard.com.

Starting at $45


Car Emblem and Debadging

  • We can safely and effectively remove any emblem or badge on your car.

   Our process includes:

  • Removing desired badge or emblem

  • Safely removing factory adhesive

  • Wet sanding

  • Polishing to perfection

  • Keeping your emblems in tact for you to repurpose

   We do this without:

  • scratching your car’s finish

  • leaving any trace of where the emblem/ badge was previously

  • leaving discoloration of where the emblem/badge was previously

  • Harming your emblems